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-John and Adrienne Peters


This beautiful piece of farm land where the horses from Storm Inn Stables  once had access to, Now Hill Top Hops.  The view of the horses and the river  from the top of the hill is a beautiful one.

This year we harvested 4 different kinds of hops.

Columbus, Known for its medium-high levels of oils. Depending on how they are added to the brew process you can get a strong, earthy aroma with a strong bitter kick. Great for dry hopping and Pale Ales.

Chinook, also know for its bitter characteristics, This hop can contribute a piney or smokey flavor. A hop that you should be sure to measure well for the best outcome.

Cascade another popular hop, again known for its aroma and flavor. It contributes a  citrus/grapefruit and spicy taste. A great choice for the Craft industry

Last but definitely not least Centennial, with medium aroma and medium to high bittering value. A light citrus aroma, well known to the Craft brewing family.

Hill Top Hops, located in beautiful Hants County, Nova Scotia. Established in 2016, harvesting their first hop yard. 

Our first year we are excited to announce that our crop went to Alexander Keith's Brewery.  If you missed our interview on the CTV news, Keith's made their first time ever fresh hop brew, made with only our hops!  If you have the opportunity to taste "Hants County Hop On" Harvest Ale, it was amazing.

2017 is starting off amazing for Hill Top Hops!

We try to keep things as organic as possible here!
We use a fertilizer combination of Seaweed, coffee grinds, and manure to name a few!  Also, we use an Epsom salt spray to keep the pests away...

Hill Top Hops has big future plans to expand, growing not only their hops but all their crops on site and someday producing a damn good brew of their own...stay tuned!

Hants County hops to it with burgeoning craft beer industryHEATHER DESVEAUX 
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 2017 News about Hill Top Hop Hops and some other exciting stuff happening in Hants County!